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Healthcare UX

University of Wisconsin-Stout

Healthcare UX

University of Wisconsin-Stout

A geriatric self-monitoring interface that enables patient centered care using choice verbiage, queuing and access to a personal care team and care plan. This interface serves as a tool in progressive health and accessibility for experiencing truly honorable care.

Complete Process Book:


Process Highlights:


Being immersed in the health care industry myself has been an eye-opening and unparalleled, long-term contextual inquiry as a designer, that has fueled by passion for healthcare UX. Being in the position of physically, mentally, and emotionally, caring for the geriatric population resulted in the uncovering of pain points and an insider understanding to better design for this specific user group.

Overarching challenges:

  • Lack of advocacy

  • Technologically challenged/ technology immigrants vs. technology natives

  • Lack of education

  • Forgetfulness

  • Recipients of verbal abuse

  • Audio and visual impairments

  • Disabled

User and Stakeholder Personas:

Affinity Map

AI Diagram

Read Routes

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User Testing


  •  A usability test is never to test the user, but the interface.

  • Please provide me with a commentary of your chosen actions and thought process.

  • My Goals are to identify problems in my design, uncover opportunities to improve, and learn about user behavior.

  • I will ask minimal questions and provide you with minimal answers to your questions, in an attempt to deflect questions back to you to result in a self-sufficient  conclusion and discovery. This will result in more accurate testing.

  • Not all of the apps functionality is working but blue indicators will highlight clickable areas. The keyboard pop-up for type-ins is not interactive.


Platform: Smart Phone

Red Route/Task: Chat with Team Member


Platform: Desktop

Red Route/Task: Preform a daily task/exercise tutorial


Platform: Smart Watch

Red Route/Task: Check your diagnostics: pulse