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UX Design

University of Wisconsin-Stout

This aggregate shopping app is entirely ethically sourced and organic foods, either from local or regional small businesses and farms. With the opportunity to support ethically all year round in addition to seeing each entities story, users can interact and invest in equitable harvest.

Complete Process Book:


Project Roadmap


  • Overview

  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Interviews

  • User Personas

  • Red Routes


  • AI Map

  • Lo-Fi Prototype

  • Test Plan

  • Lo-Fi User Testing

  • Affinity Map


  • Mood Board

  • Naming Ideation

  • Logo/Branding

  • Wireframes

  • Hi-Fi Prototype


  • Hi-Fi User Testing

  • Affinity Map

  • Limitations

  • Reflection





In the Midwest climate inhibits supporting locally and ethically via farmers markets year round. Shopping for organics through large corporations during off seasons, limits selection and well as diverts the support to sourced small and local entities.


This app aims to provide those in cold-climate states and or limited accessibility locations, with ethical, sustainable, and accessible produce and food products directly from select brands and local farms and global farms of choice.

Competitive Analysis

Misfits Market


  • Ability to shop and browse before order window opens

  • Large selection of products

  • Shares a tidbit about brand mission with each product

  • Can choose delivery date and manage future orders ahead of time


  • Automatically purchases if items in your cart total above $30 before your next delivery date

  • The lack of a like or add to list button

  • Inability to pause subscription indefinitely and instead automatically resumes after a period of 1-3 months time.

Thrive Market


  • User can choose tailored values/causes/impacts to pair down selection

  • Not just organic foods but also organic beauty and living products

  • Brand Transparency regarding brand mission

  • Diet and recipe sections


  • Requires a monthly subscription regardless of a monthly purchase

  • No fresh produce

  • Unable to review app further without subscription

Imperfect Foods


  • Welcome survey to get to know the user

  • Tracks food, water, and CO2e saved

  • Concise Interface

  • Market nice preventing waste of unappealing produce


  • Unable to change assigned delivery date.

  • Small shopping window of 24-48 hours prior to delivery date.

  • Limited selection.

  • Locked browsing view, where a new customer is restricted browsing inventory for knowledge of product base.

Baseline Interview Questions

  • Where do you prefer to shop for groceries and why?

  • Would you rather shop locally or at large corporations? (Ex. farmers markets and small businesses or Walmart, Target, Costco etc.)

  • Dose a product quantity matter to you? Do you buy in bulk?

  • What information do you want to know about your product that you are buying? What are your values as a consumer?

  • Do you write down a grocery list? If yes, is it written on paper or mobile device? Do you create a grocery list based on a recipe?

  • Do you use recipes on grocery apps?

  • How do you feel about subscription-based shopping apps?

  • Do you want to know if a product is good for the environment? Would you want an app tailored towards a specific cause?

  • When was a time that you were frustrated about your shopping experience on an app?

  • Are you a person who shops on a specific day of the week, every week?

  • Do you like living products as well as grocery products within a store?

Interview Results

Red Routes